Saturday, May 8, 2010

Internet Operating System

Bill O'Reilly recently made a case that the new operating system is really the Internet. In part one he makes an argument that this new Information Operating System consists of components like search, media access, communications (email, voice, etc), identity, social networking, payments, advertising, location, time, image/speech recognition, and government data (including GPS).

Many companies are making a play to be your one-stop shop for everything you need with the biggest players being Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. In part two he handicaps these player's offerings as well as many of the smaller companies.

Verizon iPhone

It seems U.S. iPhone sales are really reaching the point where Apple has to move on to other networks to expand. I run into so many people who want an iPhone, but won't leave Verizon to get one. So it's not surprising that there is more and more evidence that Apple will be announcing a Verizon iPhone at the WWDC conference this year.